Gabe Kapler Wife: Lisa Jansen Bio · (2024)

Lisa Jansen is a businesswoman and the wife of retired Major League Baseball player and now manager Gabe Kapler. She is regarded as the former wife of her partner, a big name in the MLB, where he has dominated for years.

Lisa Jansen is a businesswoman and the wife of retired Major League Baseball player and now manager Gabe Kapler.

She is regarded as the former wife of her partner, a big name in the MLB, where he has dominated for years.

She is also doing good today despite her relationship with her famous partner ending a long time ago.

Lisa Jansen Biography

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She was born October 29, 1975, in the USA. Lisa Jansen is 47 years old.

She always has birthdays every October, which her family and close friends celebrate.

Her growing up is still a mystery yet to be told. She keeps a lot concerning her personal life private.

NameLisa Jansen
Age47 Years Old
Date Of BirthOctober 29, 1975
HusbandGabe Kapler

She was born in the USA. Thus she is an American citizen and probably of white heritage.

Even though she has a bio on the popular encyclopedia, she has yet to be highlighted on Wikipedia’s main page.

There are, however, additional online resources from which we might get data about her.

At 16, Lisa Jansen Kapler enrolled at Southern California High School, where she had her education growing up.

After completing high school, Lisa enrolled in a university. She schooled in the USA to seek a bachelor’s degree.

Lisa Career

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Lisa Jansen is an involuntary health and compassion coach. She is a thriving mature woman in her career field.

Before, she lived in Malibu and thrived in the field of emotional weight loss. She hasn’t revealed so much as of today.

She proceeded to the school for Integrative Nutrition and got a degree, which was another path for her career.

She has also got involved in some charity work at a point in time alongside her partner, who is a celebrity.

She is among the best in her field of work, with a lot of experience she has gained over the years.

Lisa Jansen has also achieved a lot of success throughout her career, which is still working out.

Gabe Kapler Wife

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Lisa Jansen is the former wife of MLB former player and now manager Gabe Kapler.

Their relationship story had a lot of happy times despite how everything seems to have played out today.

When Gabe Kapler met Lisa Jansen, he knew he had to have her as his wife in love at the first instant situation.

They’ve been together for about fourteen years and have two sons, Dane Rio and Chase Ty.

In October 2013, Lisa Jansen and Gabe Kapler filed for divorce. They were having some unresolved issues.

Gabe Kapler and Lisa crossed paths in their conclusive year of the high institute when they were youthful.

As early as 2004, she claimed she had been a prey of domestic brutality in an earlier relationship.

She also described in great detail how her partner tormented her in a toxic relationship.

She claims she was assaulted regularly, and he began biting her cheek one day and didn’t stop until it bled.

There was another time when she was smashed against the lock and had her throat compressed so tightly that she couldn’t breathe.

She claimed that being subjected to such abuse made her shy and negatively affected her mental health.

When the abuse and threats became too much, her partner pulled a gun on her asking if she was ready to die.

She claimed he took advantage of her, then escalated his abuse by making her fear for her mother and sister’s lives.

Even though her loved ones had obtained a restraining order against him, he continued to harass her.

Lisa endured abuse from her first lover for quite some time. It lasted throughout her high school career until her senior year when she met Gabe Kapler.

As her senior year came to a close, her friend Gabe Kapler was there to help her out.

She also mentioned how Gabe had been there whenever she needed safety reassurance.

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She added that she was a catastrophe when she first started dating, but Gabe had the guts to give her a chance.

Even though daredevil and Lisa have officially split up, they stay close companions.

The Gabe Kapler Foundation was established to raise awareness of domestic violence and is funded equally by both parties.

Lisa Jansen’s Net Worth

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Lisa Jansen’s net worth is $1 million. Her wealth is still unconfirmed, but she has a lot from her former husband.

How much money she makes from her job today has yet to be determined.

She worked as a fitness and weight loss coach when she wasn’t traveling the world.

However, her ex-husband is a coach who once works with the Israeli national baseball team at the 2013 World Baseball Classic.

However, she maintains a decent standard of living because of the generous support of her ex-spouse.

Gabe Kapler’s wealth is more of Lisa Jansen’s net worth following their divorce settlement.



Gabe Kapler Wife: Lisa Jansen Bio · (2024)
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