15+ Simple Ways Start Off Summer Mornings (2024)

With summer upon us, those mornings without school sometimes need a little anchoring to get things off to a good start.

For the last several summers, my kids have done swim team and it’s such a great start to our morning to get outside, get some exercise, chat with other parents (or read my book by the side of the pool!), and then come home from breakfast and getting ready for the day.

I asked on Instagram for other suggestions for starting off summer mornings and I loved the answers that came rolling in!

Here are some of my favorite suggestions to start off summer mornings:

15+ Simple Ways Start Off Summer Mornings (1)

  • Neighborhood group walk to the park. Especially if the midday weather makes it too hot to comfortably play outside, this is a great way to get in some fresh air and exercise while it’s still cooler. This mom said, “Moms walk around the path while the kids play.” I love that it’s fun for EVERYONE, not just the kids.
  • Yoto Daily! If you’re unfamiliar with Yoto Daily, its a kid-friendly daily podcast that Yoto produces (you can listen to it directly from your Yoto Player or from the free Yoto app – you don’t even need a player to use it or listen to it!).
  • A morning devotional. One mom said, “I loved starting my kids summer morning with a devotional. It’s a great way to start the day!”
  • Savvy! You know I love the person who made this suggestion! One of my favorite things about Savvy is being able to change the schedule in the summer to a morning time rather than after school. Use the code JANSSEN25 for $25 off per month of either Savvy Reading or Savvy Math (or both!). All the details about Savvy here.
  • Workbook Pages. One parent said, “We do a grade appropriate workbook page on weekday mornings after breakfast.” Some of my kids favorite workbooks are the Summer Brain Quest ones (this reminds me that I should order some new ones!).
  • Table activities. One mom said that for her small kids, she puts “activities out for them at the table so I can get a few more minutes of sleep!” As a major sleep lover, I am all about this summer morning routine!
  • Family breakfast outside. If you have a good outdoor eating spot, this is such a fun way to make summer feel special without much effort. (In fact, we did the same thing last year and ate lunch outside every day – I can’t wait to start that again this summer!). Another parent said, “We love slow summer mornings because the year is so busy. Breakfast and coffee on the porch.”
  • Start with Yoga. I love this suggestion for a summer morning routine – my girls have loved Cosmic Kids Yoga in the past and this would be a great addition to our morning routine.
  • Chores & Outdoors. One parent said they start their summer mornings with “knock out chores then take a quick walk or bike ride around the block with kids while it’s cool.”
  • Daily Kindness projects. This is such a great summer morning start. This parent said that their daily kindness projects looked like “sweeping a neighbors’s porch or mowing a lawn, reading to elderly, walking a dog.” I love this.
  • Morning Bike Ride. Everyone in our family rides bikes well now, so we might adopt this as part of our summer morning routine – I love getting out while it’s still cool!
  • Read aloud time. You won’t be surprised to hear that this was a popular start to summer mornings. One woman said, “Sitting out on our patio reading the Bible and then our current read aloud novel together.” Hard to beat a day that starts with a good book!
  • Rad and Happy Coloring Pages. These monthly coloring pages are so well done and you can print off as many as you need to! Set out some colored pencils and you’ve got an easy and quiet summer morning activity. You know I can’t help but add that this would be an ideal time to listen to an audiobook together too!
  • 1 Mile + Weeding. If you have kids that need to burn off energy in the morning, this mom shared that in her family they “have everyone get up and run a mile (before it gets hot) then go weed for 10 minutes then breakfast.” Do they want to come weed my garden?
  • A simple stacked routine. It’s nice for everyone to know what to expect on a summer morning and to know what comes next, even if the the times vary a bit day to day. One mom said that in their family they do “Breakfast, reading for 20 minutes, and 1 small chore before playing or screens.”
  • Running or biking club with the neighborhood kids. This is such a simple way to get kids out and moving in a fun way on summer mornings along with their friends! If someone set this up in my neighborhood, I’d be thrilled!

Any other fun suggestions for starting summer mornings? I’d love to hear!

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15+ Simple Ways Start Off Summer Mornings (2024)
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